The company dstc dr.stelzer consulting has two main business divisions:

Production and sale of agitators, crystallisers and crail-units for the chemical, pharmaceutical, foodstuff and water treatment industries and, together with partner companies, homogenizer especially for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. Additional are counter rotating driving units in special design in the scope of delivery.

Consulting in the field of chemical engineering, especially agitating technology. This consulting activity starts with expert opinions, preparation of tenders and continues to the complete transfer of know-how in the field of agitating technology for

* Production
* Design
* Marketing

while the specially developed software for agitator design combines many years of practical experience and a large amount of theoretical knowledge.

Dstc dr.stelzer consulting has partner companies and its own offices in the Asiatic region and has had appropriate marketing experience in the Asiatic-Pacific region at its disposal for a long time.